An exciting time for creator collaborations

This week I’m looking at fixing all of my goals, actually setting in stone what I’m gonna be actually doing. But first things first, I just wanted to talk about how amazing it is, what a great time it is to be a creator. I’m really excited about how creators can collaborate these days just with their phone. You have got podcasting platforms, you’ve got video platforms, you’ve got all kinds of ways of working together without being in the same country, without being in the same town and this is really exciting. I was up late talking with fellow #NoSmallCreator Brian Vlasich last night on Twitter and I’m very tired, but it’s all very exciting and we might be doing some stuff in the future.

Accountability for my career goals

This week I’ve been talking all about goal setting and setting my goals but you know the funny thing is, I haven’t actually been setting my goals. I’ve just been pondering, talking, waffling on. I’ve neatly avoided actually saying what my goals are so next week I think I’ll be taking the time to dive into breaking down my long-term goals, my medium term goals, short-term daily goals and try and come up with a plan for what that’s gonna look like, and that’s gonna set me up for some accountability so I’ll potentially get in trouble with you guys when you tell me that I’m slacking off. and this week some exciting news as well I had an interview with Marilyn McNeal from Chantmagick, musician, and fellow creator on YouTube and various other platforms and we just talked about creating and stuff and it was really cool and I’d really like to include some more of those interviews, well I’ll include that interview and hopefully some other ones too in future podcasts.

Winning every day by setting your goals

I’ve kind of discovered that goal setting is a little bit like saving… you know it’s pretty boring it’s not as interesting as winning the lottery. Everyone wants to win the lottery and we only tend to hear the stories about people who win the lottery. We don’t hear the stories about the people who saved five dollars a day for 15 years and attained a good level of comfort from doing so. You don’t hear those kinds of stories. But I think that is the sustainable way I think it’s the only way over time every little bit every day you’ve got a build body of work, you’ve got to not feel guilty about inserting levels of monetisation in to that so you can start to get something back so you can start doing more and start building towards that successful career.

Sometimes You Need To Stop

You might have been wondering if I was ever gonna come back. I was kinda wondering whether I’d ever come back. I’m back on the vlog, I’ve had a couple of days off as you might have noticed and if you watched my last vlog before this one, you’ll notice that my dog got sick quite quickly and had to be put down and so I’ve taken some time off as well, just to kind of, just to stop. Sometimes you just need to stop for a bit and working for yourself I think that’s what it’s all about is having a work life balance. In the end your career is not your entire life you know you’ve got family you’ve got people around you and building this up is so you can respect that and become involved in that and be a part of it and not ignore it with your head down doing your work.

Your Timeline Is Unknown

It’s a downer blog today, and I don’t even know if there will be a blog tomorrow. I’ve been spending the weekend with my terminally ill dog, and I’m probably gonna have to put her down on Monday, and yeah, so what it’s highlighted for me is that like – I didn’t even know four days ago that she was sick, dogs are pretty good at hiding those things and yeah so I’m kind of thinking that you never really know when you gonna go. You don’t know when you’re gonna go, you don’t know when your loved ones are gonna go and it’s highlighted that you need to be spending your life doing what you want to do, not what other people want you to do.

Monetizing Your Career Goals

Setting your goals kinda becomes a bit trickier as soon as you include money because a lot of self helpers say it can’t be about the money. That’s all very well for them to say it can’t be about the money because they look quite well dressed and They don’t look like they’ve got a problem with money. if you’re in the pre-making it stage then it is all about the money and I think the issue is… The point is that you need to look at those big goals and intermediate goals leading right up to your daily goals and once you have figured them out from your heart and the fact that they’re aligning to your ‘Why’, you need to work out how do I make each one of those daily goals or weekly goals monthly goals how do I monetise those.

Reverse Engineering Your Career Goals

A lot of people talk about reverse engineering – starting at your big thing that you want and you need to be specific. A common thread for this whole goal setting thing, apart from the sporty theme of setting your goals, achieving your goals, winning, are you winning. Apart from all that is that you need to set a really big goal to begin with a bit like my ‘why’, finding my ‘why’ it needs to be so big it’s almost embarrassing it needs to be something bigger than yourself. Because it’s not about reaching those goals, it’s about pointing you in the right direction, and giving you the motivation to try and achieve it. Because if you just get somewhere close, that’s a massive thing.

Setting Long And Short Term Goals

Some mixed feelings today I’m finally… The career which I’m pivoting from, which was my own travelling cinema business, I’m finally selling one of the movie screens to that and you know there’s mixed feelings to letting that old stuff go because it was a job that I loved. And the movie screen that I’m selling I would’ve done hundreds of shows on, to thousands of people and it’s sad to let it go but by the same token you gotta, you just gotta let things go as well, and it’s time to move on. This week I’ll be focusing on my goals and my long-term goals like five year goals, year goal, month goal and how it comes down to even like a day goal, what I need to be getting done each day to head towards where I wanna go now.

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Results

I’m at the last bit of the Golden Circle. I’m at the last section which is the ‘what’, what am I going to do? the tangible things that you can see, smell and Hold and all that, the real stuff, rather than the brain stuff, I’m not saying that the brain stuff isn’t real but the other stuff is the practical stuff, the stuff that you know, people know what they do. I don’t really know what I do yet, but, I’m hoping to find what I do and the big thing is this vlogcast, the vlogcast being the vlog, the podcast and the blog and the value of that is going to be that hopefully I can help people as Well as helping myself at the same time in working out what tips and tricks and strategies work to getting fine tuned and focused in reaching your goals.

Starting At Zero

Another ‘what’ to add to my collection is marketing and most importantly social media marketing because I think that’s pretty much where marketing is these days and I want to become really good at it and at the moment I’m just starting out and I’ve completely opened all my social channels from scratch as of about a month ago all starting at zero so we’ll see if whatever strategies I implement actually work in growing those channels. I’d like to come at it from a different way of not actually being about numbers it’s more about communication and connection and so there’s no point having 1 million subscribers or followers or whatever if you can’t connect with them in someway and so I think it’s more about engagement and connection and getting value out of those connections as opposed to having whopping big numbers.

The Risk Of Sharing Your Goals

I think a massive trap with stating all of your ‘what’s’ – ‘ I’m gonna do this’, ‘I’m gonna do that’ you turn into one of those people that you call a gunna in Australia ‘I’m gunna do this’, ‘I’m gonna do that’. And the problem being is you get that little reward in your brain by thinking that was a really good idea – I’ve said it and your brain feels good for three seconds and then you move on and you feel like in your subconscious that you’ve actually done it and in the end you end up achieving nothing so I’m only saying what I’m gonna be doing for the purpose of this vlog but if you are doing it for yourself I would suggest keeping it all to yourself and doing it on the quiet because you don’t want to get rewarded for doing it before it’s even happened.

Stacking My ‘What’ List

Another ‘what’ I’m stacking onto my ‘what’ list while I’m doing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Not to make things too difficult for myself or anything, but I wanna write another book too. You know you’ve heard me rabbiting on about this kids book, I’ve even talked about a whole series of kids books. It’s definitely included in my ‘what’ I wanna do, but what aligns with my ‘why’ is I want to show how I do it, and not because I’m a seasoned professional, it’s the complete opposite it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing at all and I think it might be helpful to see all the horrible mistakes that I might make then you can work out well I’m not gonna do what he did and then you might be able to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way as well as be entertained by my blunderings.

Something To Sell

The light is again fading on the daily vlog, but I just wanted to come up with another idea for my ‘what’, and a good one I think is the fact that this vlogcast I might be able to turn into a book at some stage not that if you read it sequentially it wouldn’t make much sense but you know the vlogs are acting as a bit of note taking along way as I’m documenting my journey so I might be able to create a book down the track. And sure anyone could just go along and read all my posts my vlog posts or whatever and find information out that way but other people prefer to read books and that means I might be able to have something to sell so that could be a cool ‘what’ in terms of things that I can put out there in the world.

How can I survive?

So having this vlogcast is fantastic it’s a podcast it’s a vlog and it’s a blog. And you know it has potential to help myself has potential to help other people as well which sounds all very nice and grandiose and warm fuzzy but how am I gonna get any money out of this? How can I survive? well podcasts and YouTube channels and blogs, there have been many ways where people have managed to get either some sponsored content, affiliated links things like that that can bring in some money. Now by themselves none of these things are actually gonna make you a lot of money but if you add them all together it has the potential to bringing in a bit of cash and if that can help support your creative work well then that’s fantastic.

What am I going to do?

I’m finally clawing my way out of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – That doesn’t really sound right – Anyway, so I’m on the outer rim of the circle – that still doesn’t sound right either, I’m, I’m at the last bit of the Golden Circle. I’m at the last section which is the ‘what’, what am I going to do? the tangible things that you can see, smell and Hold and all that, the real stuff, rather than the brain stuff, I’m not saying that the brain stuff isn’t real but the other stuff is the practical stuff, the stuff that you know, people know what they do. I don’t really know what I do yet, but, I’m hoping to find what I do and the big thing is this vlogcast, the vlogcast being the vlog, the podcast and the blog and the value of that is going to be that hopefully I can help people as Well as helping myself at the same time in working out what tips and tricks and strategies work to getting fine tuned and focused in reaching your goals.

Selling Out As An Artist

this week I focused on the ‘How’ section of Simon Sinek’s Golden circle and it actually went for longer than what I thought it would’ve. And one of the key things which people focused on a lot was me talking about the idea of selling out as a creative or an artist and Marilyn McNeil from Chantmagick mentioned that kind of the shame that surrounds self promotion and I think it’s something which is ingrained in in society if you’re an artist you have to be struggling and I really wanna try and turn it on its head because all of the artist that you see succeeding, that’s just because they’re brilliant marketers it’s not because they are amazing artist but there’s plenty of other amazing artist which never see the light of day. Anyway so next week I’m going to be focusing on my what, the actual tangible things you can see and hold and smell, and what am I gonna do?

Sticking To My Number One Value

This morning I wish I was vlogging on more than my phone, because I got some lovely kangaroos that we just running past in the distance and you can’t really zoom in with a phone well you can, but it looks like hell. Yesterday no vlog went up, but I did shoot the Vlog. But I was sticking to my number one value in my ‘How’ part of the Golden circle which was putting being a stay at home dad first and that pretty much meant shooting my vlog at the very end of the day in the dwindling daylight and not getting enough time to edit which means a double edit tonight but you know that’s okay I think a lot of people get caught up in 24 hours of the day and that’s it. I’m kinda putting that out further to more like you know seven days in the week and if some days it means I don’t get much done and other days I can get more done that’s good my goals are more about getting seven vlogs out a week and one podcast, As well as my other work which I’m gonna start trying to fit in soon.

How Do I Help Storytellers?

It’s almost nighttime and I’m the natural light vlogger so I’m almost in trouble with my daily vlog getting too dark, with no lighting, anyway, so another part of my ‘How’  while I’m on this ‘How’ thing is documenting my journey and I think the documenting processes is really important. 
How do I help creators? how do I help storytellers? Get their work out to the world, which was in my ‘why’, part of my ‘why’ and this vlogcast is a big part of that. By documenting my journey and showing all the tips and tricks and hacks and all those kinds of things which are working in getting my career off the ground, hopefully those tips might be helpful for you as well, by kind of seeing my process, hopefully it’ll cut some time out when you’re doing it because you’ll see what works.

Promote Promoting Yourself

The other big thing is selling yourself as a creator something that creators don’t really tend to do very much and you know It might be this thing of oh you’re a sell-out well I think it’s  either a matter of sell-out or be a starving artist I think I’d rather be a sell-out. So I wanna try and help shift that mindset if I can and promote promoting yourself as a creative person, as a storyteller, as an artist. I think in this age where modern advertising doesn’t include big billboards and TV advertisements and things like that it’s much more about telling stories and making content and if that’s what it’s about that’s what we do.